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What Does Dopamine Do?

Dopamine is widespread in the brain as well as the rest of the nervous system. This neurotransmitter plays a critical role in the control of movement. It has a stimulating effect on the heart, the circulation, the rate of metabolism, and is able to mobilize many of the body's energy reserves. It helps to modulate brain activity, control coordination and movement, and regulate the flow of information to different areas of the brain.

Dopamine is believed to release chemicals that allow us to feel pleasure (e.g., endorphins). A massive disturbance of dopamine regulation in the brain can result in a person no longer being able to respond emotionally or express his or her feelings in an appropriate manner. Click Here Now to learn more about What Dopamine Does and What Dopamine Is . . .

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DOE Document - Dopamine denervation does not alter in vivo /sup 3/H-spiperone binding in rat striatum: implications ...
... with lesion-induced striatal dopamine (DA) loss and from some striatal dopamine (DA) loss ... properties for dopamine receptor ligands in vivo. Dopamine denervation does not alter in ...

Dopamine and desire
... Dopamine and desire. Knockout mice showcase the neurotransmitter's role in motivation. ... almost seems that the correct answer to 'what does dopamine do?' might mostly be 'to confuse ...

Ketamine does not decrease striatal dopamine D2 receptor binding in man
Aalto S, Hirvonen J, Kajander J, Scheinin H, Någren K, Vilkman H, Gustafsson L, Syvälahti E, Hietala J. Ketamine does not decrease striatal dopamine D2 receptor binding in man. Psychopharmacology 2014:164:401-406. Julkaisutiedot - "Renal Dose Dopamine Does Not Alter The Response" is your source for health and fitness articles from CHEST, as well as 5 million other free titles from thousands of publishers and writers. ... "Renal dose dopamine does not alter the response to beta-adrenergic stimulation by isoproterenol in healthy human ... To determine if renal dose dopamine 3 micro g kg min alters ...

U.s. Hhs: Cocaine Reward Does Not Require Dopamine Or Serotonin Transporters
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