Can bad vision be fixed with a pill?

Optometrists don’t want you to learn how to improve vision naturally. Modern medicine is all about fixing the symptoms of a problem rather than addressing the underlying causes. Prescribing glasses or contact lenses is just like prescribing a pill to cover up a problem rather than truly solve it. They help you see, but you become dependent on them and they don’t really fix anything.

To see without glasses or contact lenses after wearing and depending on them for years is not just a dream. Yes, you can leave your glasses and for good and see better without having eye surgery. Everybody has the chance to improve eyesight naturally whether he or she is young, old, poor or rich.

In the old days, only elderly people need glasses and now many children experience from many eye problems and are forced wearing them. This is most probably due to the advance technology that is responsible for inventing video games, computers or television. To improve vision we need to take care of our precious eyes like taking them to rest after strenuous work or taking vitamins or nutrition that is beneficial to the eyes.

Our eyes are supported by tiny muscles that enable eyeballs move upward downward and from side to side. They also constantly adjust to let us focus on objects that are close up or far away. Just like any other muscles in our body, eye muscles will get tired and weak. This may be due to frequent work till late night, looking into the computer for a long time, watching TV, working in dim or bright light without sufficient breaks.

To revitalize and to make them strong again we should take good care of them otherwise many eyesight problems may occur and you have to depend on glasses or contacts to see clearly. Eye problems are corrected by using eyeglasses or contacts. These are effective and the most common answer to overcome the condition. But do you want to depend on your glasses forever? If your answer is no, in seeing without glasses, you would want to choose natural ways on how to improve eyesight.

Improving vision through natural ways may not appeal to many people because they think that it is less effective and only some experts support the theories of natural improvement. When people have blurry vision generally they go to the ophthalmologists to get eyeglasses subscription and that’s it. They don’t realize that eyeglasses or contact lenses may actually worsen the condition.

If you think natural vision improvement is impossible, think again. While science, as of today, couldn’t explain why eye exercises improve eyesight, there are no shortage of examples that they in fact help rebuild vision. Just look at the available testimonials and ask to contact them. Yet there are numerous vision improvement courses, how do you know which ones are legitimate?

In this article, I’ll show you the critical concepts behind natural vision improvement. Why a number of us easily improved our vision while some others fail? Why some performed eye exercises day in and day out yet fail to improve their eyesight? These are just some of the questions I’ll be addressing.

Let’s get started.

There are lots of theories as to how your eyes work. The traditional approach is that much of how your eyes turn out depends on your genes…meaning you’re born with your eyes and there’s nothing you can do about it except to wear glasses or undergo lasik surgery.

The alternative view, founded by Dr Bates back in the 1920s, is based on the notion that YOU are totally responsible for the condition of your eyes. Though this is a bitter pill to swallow, it also means you can do something about it. Dr Bates theory is that vision deteriorates largely due to strain.

Eye muscles, just like most other muscles in your body, can be relaxed and tensed at your will. Gawking (refusal to blink), as an example, tenses your eye muscles. Implement this as a habit, and your eye muscles will be chronically strained – so much so it couldn’t relax itself – much like what would happen if you have a backache.

With proper means, people with visual disabilities can improve their vision at varying degrees. These methods are unlike eyewear and eye surgeries. They are called natural healing methods. Some of them involve kinds of exercises every day, including “palming” exercise, eye exercises with charts, swinging exercise and massaging the areas around the eyes. There are still other helpful means, such as more relaxation, water splashing on the face, pendulum practice, more laugh, covering a dark cloth on the eyes before going to bed, eating more fruits and vegetables, wearing pinhole glasses around the house and so on.

People who want to improve eyesight can select some of the listed items that they favor. They are needless to take all these methods. Maintaining some of them on a daily basis, their vision can improve rapidly. In some people, vision improvement occurs within a period of two weeks.

Being far ahead of this time, Dr Bates seems to have realized the link between the brain and the eyes – although he did not explicitly pointed it out. His method is to perform “eye exercises” not to “strengthen” your eye muscles, but to relax them. The term “eye exercises” is a little misleading but it is meant to be more like “breathing exercises”.

Like any other skills, implement Bates eye exercises sufficiently and you will inevitably master it. His eye exercises are designed to simulate the way healthy eyes see so if you master it, you can replace your bad vision habits with healthy ones.

And when you have a healthy vision habit, your eye muscles naturally relaxes itself and vision becomes a largely unconscious process – much like your four other senses.

Thus whenever you do eye exercises, you should find it relaxing and refreshing. It shouldn’t bog you down and if your eyes are tired, you should rest them. But perhaps most important is you should drastically cut down on the amount of time you wear glasses. There is no way you can replace a bad habit if you stick to it!

And just as a lame person cannot learn to walk without his crutches if does not want to part with them, so do people who wear glasses cannot rebuild their vision without first getting rid of their glasses.

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